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It's a little embarrassing to admit this, but when I first started photography, I had no idea what "boudoir" was. Then, I started seeing gorgeous women of all shapes and sizes in lingerie on Pinterest. I quickly became intrigued by this and thought to myself, "How AMAZING would it be do to that?!"

     So, after a lot of thought and planning, I asked my friend if she would model for me! She said she had actually just been looking online and considering doing a boudoir shoot, so the timing was perfect! I was SO nervous, but I booked a hotel room in the Baltimore Inner Harbor and we did my first, and her first, boudoir shoot.

  It was incredible to see her comfort and confidence change right before my eyes during her session. As I kept shooting, I quickly realized that through empowering her, I too, was feeling empowered.

     After her session, I went home and edited until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I delivered her photos to her within a couple of days and her response left me in tears...HAPPY TEARS!

"The results were better than I could've ever imagined. It's so amazing to be able to see yourself in a new light. I've never felt so confident and sexy and I wake up every morning feeling beautiful! I can't believe that's me!" - Boudoir Client, Baltimore, MD



Fast forward to today, and I've done dozens of boudoir sessions with such incredible women! The thing I love most about boudoir is that ladies are able to see themselves in a way they never have before and that's an impact that cannot be measured. It changes their entire body image and self confidence. It encourages self love and appreciation where many of us ladies truly struggle. Boudoir has made me realize the true potential we have as photographers to change people's lives for the better, and so this amazing journey began!