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We FINALLY got to spend time with Danielle and Dylan for their engagement session!! With the crazy weather Maryland has been giving us, we've been rained out a couple of times, but oh was it worth the wait! These two are so sweet together and are such naturals in front of the camera!

Couple kissing in tall grasses in Cascade, MD at Fort Ritchie

Something that is really important to us when we meet our couple's for the first time is really getting to know them! We operate pretty heavily on connecting with our couple's because we know this is so important for making the entire experience the absolute best for everyone!  When we sat down with Dylan and Danielle for the first time, we knew right away we were all a good fit for each other! They told us the story of their engagement and we couldn't stop laughing when Danielle showed us the saved video a friend had taken of when Dylan popped the question! They were surrounded by their friends for Danielle's birthday and she was so excited when she got on the party bus, she didn't see Dylan down on one knee at first!

Another reason we knew we would not only work great together, but could also build a friendship with them, is that they love to be outdoors and we are always up for an adventure! When we talked about ideas for their engagement session, we asked what they love to do together and we all settled on a canoe and a bonfire! Danielle and Dylan live on a beautiful family farm in Cascade, MD where their wedding will be this September, and we can't wait to see their barn all decorated for their day!

On a deeper level, Danielle and Dylan's story of reconnecting really touched us and in a small way reminded us of a difficult time in our lives. Danielle tragically lost her Mother and as soon as Dylan heard that she was sick, he came running to them. He has been there with Danielle to comfort her, hold her, and love her through one of the greatest heartaches, and that is something that creates an unbreakable bond.

Between adorable moments in the tall grasses at Fort Ritchie, to almost falling out of the canoe a few times (holy moly we were scared!), and then more cozy snuggles by the bonfire with s'mores, Danielle and Dylan's engagement session was one for the books! We spent time laughing with them, talking with them, Jimmy picking up the edge of the canoe (with them in it!!) to un-wedge them from a rock, all of us getting smoke burned eyes from the bonfire, and giggling about favorite channels on YouTube. These kind of connections are why we do what we do, why we love what we do, and why we can't imagine our lives being any other way!! We cannot wait to celebrate their wedding day with them!

couple snuggling in a canoe at md engagement session
couple laughing in tall grass at fort ritchie in cascade md at engagement session
maryland engagement photographer - couple holding hands and walking
bride and groom kissing in canoe at md engagement session
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engagement ring in s'mores with bonfire and blanket - maryland photographer
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