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We were super excited to get to go back to Fells Point for another engagement session and this time it was with Emily and Rip! We can’t even begin to say how much fun we had with them. The four of us have so many things in common from being total foodies, loving to travel, and joking about our favorite show, The Office, that this session felt more like hanging out with friends!

Not only did we get to explore the waterfront, but we also ventured in and around the Sagamore Pendry, in between alleyways and down cute cobblestone streets, and all the way to Canton for a must-have shot that turned out better than we had hoped! Rip and Emily were totally up for the adventure and they have an extremely diverse and beautiful engagement session because of it!

It was so hard to stop their session and finally say goodnight, but the time really flew by with them and we loved every minute of it!! We are so incredibly excited to see Emily and Rip again for their wedding next April at one of our FAVORITE venues and know that their wedding day is going to be even more amazing than this day with them was!

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